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Garant Zambia produces and supplies only the finest quality adhesives, plaster cornices, decorative beadings, ceiling centerpieces, 3D panels, and other plaster moldings. From the onset, their aim has always been to deliver their services with extreme professionalism and to ensure that all of their customers are left feeling completely satisfied.
A wide range of cornices, beadings, ceiling centerpieces, 3D panels and adhesives
Innovative lightweight construction systems
Transform your vision into reality
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Garant Zambia's range of products has been used in private and public buildings, hotels, restaurants and private residences. This company is at the heart of fibrous plasterwork. It attributes its continuing success to not only its highly experienced staff but also to the tenacity and sheers hard work in giving you what you have been promised.

Some products

3D panels

They bring your walls to life with modern and contemporary textured wall designs. Decorative wall panels give an extra dimension to your walls and compliment just about any room in the house.

Garant's wall panels make for beautiful and extravagant looking accent walls. The company offers a collection of modern and contemporary textured wall designs. 3D wall panels with different designs varying from basic or industrial to modern or romantic: Each design has its own look and creates a unique atmosphere. Together, the panels form a repeating pattern and after assembling the decorative panels, you can paint or spray them in any desired color. 3D wall panels will bring your walls to life!


Garant Zambia manufactures a wide selection of internal and external cornices. They play a vital role in the architectural appeal of a building.


Beadings are used to hide gaps between walls as well as door and window frames. Garant's array of beadings are available in different styles and sizes. They can also be used in almost every room around the home.

EPS molding

Garant Zambia manufactures custom expanded polystyrene (EPS) moldings, columns, fascias, parapets, capitals, and base. Automated precise cutting technology assures that custom architectural shapes will exceed all expectations. When ordering, always keep manufacturing time in mind.

EPS products are light, durable and easy to install. Garant's products include base coated materials like a design for final field finishing by stucco and painting professionals as well as an array of stone-like finished detailing virtually indistinguishable from those crafted from the finest quarried stones. Garant's specialized manufacturing equipment, installation systems, and specialty coating formulations allow them to offer quality building profiling systems unlike anything else on the market.

Their products generally consist of a layer, or layers, of specialty surface top coatings applied over reinforced, expanded polystyrene (EPS) cellular foam cores. Products are used in residential and commercial applications.

Exterior-grade profiles can be safely applied to waterproof and code-compliant wall systems such as stucco, brick, concrete, CMU block and other smooth and impermeable substrates.

EPS products are very stable, high quality, decorative glue-on material that does not require penetration of the waterproof membrane for secure attachment and are not intended for use as a component of the primary envelope system.

Travertino decorative plaster

A thick decorative wall covering for interiors and exteriors made of marble dust. Its ability to recreate ecologically the textured and aesthetic effects of travertine means that surfaces can be given the charm of stone and offers further creative opportunities for designing interiors.

Garant self-leveling floor

This is easy to use cement-based underlayment that self-levels. Just mix it with water, pour and spread. The underlayment is excellent for smoothening and flattening interior surfaces. Self-leveling underlayment helps level floors prior to the installation of PVC tiles, parquet, linoleum, epoxide, wood, and other floor covering.

Gypsum products

  • Gypsum plaster
  • Multi finish plaster
  • Cove bond
  • Gypsum mold

Adhesive products

  • Tile adhesive
  • Strength tile adhesive
  • Swimming pool adhesive
  • Crack filler
  • Ultra tile grout
  • Garant acrylic bonding primer


Building contractors

After purchasing their range of building materials, you can engage Garant Zambia for installations. Services offered include plaster and self leveling floor application, waterproofing as well as 3D panel installation. Their team does a professional job and will work with you throughout the project to ensure that they match your exact requirements.
Decorative plaster application, waterproofing and 3D panel installation
Projects finish beautifully, on time and within budget
A well trained staff
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Every day clients like you trust Garant Zambia to deliver quality and long lasting projects that finish beautifully, on time and within budget.

Serving you well is the foundation of Garant. Before and during installations, this company ensures that you receive the support you need. It is always looking for innovative ways to to keep up with new building trends.

Property improvement

Are you planning any home or office improvements? Garant Zambia provides commercial and residential refurbishment and conversions. The company can work on your ceiling, wall and floor to deliver a modern appeal. Their designers work hard to plan and organise every job while the field team assures accurate and timely completion of all work in place.
Refurbish your ceiling, wall and floor for a modern appeal
Company creates spaces that are as welcoming and beautiful as they are functional
Save your building from dilapidation
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By supplying and installing a wide selection of high-quality cornices, beadings, ceiling centerpieces, 3D panels as well as Eps moldings, Garant Zambia seeks to help property owners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their building as well as protect it.

If you have a house or building that needs freshening up, let Garant Zambia's master craftsmen help you make your dream a reality. They will help you design all the great and stylish things that make your renovation sparkle. From design to clean up, Garant will make your experience a memorable one.

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